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Our vineyards

... because a good wine is born in the countryside

The Rigonat vineyards are authentic country gardens, a true interpretation of the attention to every detail, from the care for the vine to water and energy saving.

vigneti resistenti


The inter-rows are completely covered with grass and the grass that is cut and then buried becomes organic substance and a source of nourishment for the vine.

Water saving

All the vineyards are irrigated with the drip system, with water and energy savings of over 80% compared to traditional systems.

trattore recupero vigneti

Defense of the plant

The plant's defense program from parasites is of an integrated type; only if the physical means and natural products are not able to protect the crop, the aid of chemical means is used, so much so that since 2015 the chemical weeding is no longer used and the control of weeds takes place through a processing inter-row mechanics.


We have made corporate sustainability our primary mission, for us the protection of the environment and the territory, as well as the health of consumers and operators, is an essential value to be respected.



Abbiamo fatto della sostenibilità aziendale la nostra mission primaria, per noi la tutela dell’ambiente e del territorio, nonché della salute di consumatori e operatori, è un valore essenziale da rispettare.

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