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Cantine Rigonat

The company

Cantine Rigonat is a family business.

Currently about 50 hectares of vineyards are cultivated, preferring respect for nature and the surrounding environment.


“It is our way of doing things that makes us original and different. The sensitivity for the protection of the territorial heritage, an asset and a value for everyone and everyone, as well as the professional and correct use of mechanical and technological tools, allow us to operate and produce with a truly contained and modest environmental impact compared to the standard of category "(Giorgio Rigonat)


The company is based in Ruda, a town in the Friuli plain adjacent to the center of Aquileia, an ancient Roman city where the cultivation of vines has already established itself since the times of the empire.


"Our vineyards are authentic country gardens, a true interpretation of the attention to every detail, from the care for the vine to water and energy saving".



Essence of vine


... because a good wine comes from the countryside


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... because a good wine is born in the countryside.

All the vineyards are irrigated with the drip system, with water and energy savings of over 80% compared to traditional systems.

The plant's defense program from parasites is of an integrated type; only if the physical means and natural products are not able to protect the crop, the aid of chemical means is used, so much so that for some years chemical weeding has no longer been used and the control of weeds takes place through a mechanical processing of the inter-row. The grass that is cut and then buried becomes organic substance and a source of nourishment for the vine.


The term "essence" contains two meanings: the first expresses the result of the extraction of juice from the fruit of the vine plant, the grape, which subsequently becomes wine; the second has a philosophical-cultural meaning: it expresses the essential and important values of life, which the Rigonat family boasts. The love and commitment that he dedicates with his work in the cultivation of his own vineyards, represent an example for the entire community.

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